The following maintenance tips for your Mercury Outboard will ensure you have the trouble free operation and extreme reliability you’d expect from your Mercury engine.

  • Have your engine serviced by Marine Works at the recommended service intervals using Genuine Mercury or Quicksilver Parts, oils and lubricants. Along with keeping your boat running as intended, this will entitle you to an additional 3 years of full factory warranty.
  • Never run your engine without a supply of water to the lower unit – it only takes a few seconds of dry running to damage your impeller.
  • Flush your engine after each use (especially in salt water) in accordance with your operations and maintenance manual.
  • Thoroughly wash external components to remove salt and dirt. Mercury Cowl Polish should be used to remove stubborn stains, and before fitting soft cowl covers.
  • While flushing, check the flow of water exiting the engine, it should be warm, but not hot, and should be a fairly strong flow. If the flow is not strong, you may have a blockage or require a new impeller.
  • Have a battery switch installed and turn it off whenever you’re not using your engine to help prolong battery life.
  • Store your engine trimmed down so that any trapped water can escape and trim pump seals are not under load.
  • Fuel condition can deteriorate rapidly, so use fresh fuel or Mercury/Quiksilver Quikcare fuel treatment to prevent oxidation and breakdown and help control against corrosion, gum and varnish build up and phase separation for up to 12 months.
  • Check regularly for water in your fuel.
  • Visually inspect your fuel system regularly checking for leaks, damaged hoses and connections. If you’re unsure of the condition, contact Marine Works on 09 912-9997.
  • Visually inspect your engine including under the cowl to look for any damage/defects or missing components. Contact Marine Works on 09 912-9997 for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Use only Mercury or Quicksilver Touchup Paint for minor repairs to the engine paintwork.
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